The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 9, Issue 1

Published December 2013

Harvey T Strosberg, QC

Class Actions in Canada: Conflicting Purposes and Unpredictable Outcomes
Andrew Roman, Jonathan Heeney, and Hassan Ahmad

“An Unassailable Right to Speak”: Class Communications, Opt-Out Rights, and the Class Proceedings Act
Bevan Brooksbank

Who Takes the Reins? Carriage in Canada Over the Last Decade
Timothy Morgan

Le Traitement du lien de causalité dans le cadre du recours collectif
Jason Phelan

The Pre-Authorization Disclosure of Legal Grounds: Why Recognition of the Right to Legal Particulars is Appropriate and Needed in the Quebec Class Action Context
Gene Kruger and Shaun Finn

Employment Class Actions: Is the Work Culture of Banks Under Attack?
Jennifer Pocock

Judicial Consideration of US Proceedings in Canadian Class Action Settlement Approvals
Barry Glaspell and Rachael Belanger

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