Critics’ Reviews

“…[T]he portraits of the law society’s principals in this edifying collection are well-defined and vibrant. The personages come alive with their accompanying text…. In these pages, you will encounter advocates and orators, leaders and heroes, teachers and mentors and, yes, bullies, braggarts and buffoons.

It is unnecessary to read the book in order; you may find like the search for Biblical wisdom that it is just as well to start anywhere, At fortuitous confluences, you will meet the leading and, more enjoyably, some of the lesser lights of the Alberta legal breed. All had their story, and it is a kaleidoscopic array….

The great achievement of this book is that it illustrates graphically how the progress of the legal profession in Alberta shadows the province’s rich history—its economic, political, cultural, communal, and educational development. And it is also the window on its future.”

Christopher D. Evans, Q.C. (from the Foreword)
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