Table of Contents

Part I – The Origins of Policing

Introduction: Australian policing in context

Mike Enders

The social construction of crime and policing

Mike Enders

Democratic control of police: How 19th-century political systems determine modern policing structures

Charles Edwards

Policing: Reflecting on the past, projecting into the future

Barbara Etter

Policing in the information age: Technological errors of the past in perspective

Benoît Dupont

Part II – Policing and Indigenous Peoples

Policing and indigenous peoples in Australia

Christine Jennett

Indigenous participation in policing

Jo Kamira

The native police at Callandoon: a blueprint for forced assimilation?

Mark Copland

Moreton Telegraph Station 1902: Native Police on Cape York Peninsula

Jonathon Richards

Part III – Policing and Deviance

Inventing juvenile delinquency and determining its cure (or how many discourses can you hide in one construct?)

Dr Leonora Ritter

A history of methadone treatment in Australia: The influence of social control arguments in its development

Dr Morag McArthur

Stupor in paradise: drunkenness, disorder and drug offences in the Northern Territory 1870 – 1926

Bill Wilson

The evolution of impaired driver law: Victoria

Snr Sgt Martin C Boorman

Part IV – Policing, Politics and Industrial Disputes

After Arthur: Policing in Van Diemen’s Land 1837 – 1846

Dr Stefan Petrow

Barricades and batons: A historical perspective of the policing of major industrial disorder

David Baker

Committees and commissions of inquiry into criminal justice agencies: A history repeating itself

Dr Desmond McDonnell

References/ Index

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