A particular subspecies of statutory instrument, defined as a statutory instrument made in the exercise of a legislative power conferred by an Act of Parliament, or for the contravention of which a penalty, fine or imprisonment is prescribed by an Act of Parliament, or which is otherwise defined as a regulation in a statute.

A form of legislation enacted under the authority of a statute by the Governor in Council (the federal cabinet), the Lieutenant Governor in Council (the provincial cabinet), a Minister or government official, or an administrative board. Typically, the regulations will set out those detailed provisions that are not essential to be included in a statute. The power to enact regulations permits the government to act expeditiously and introduce changes without having to enact a new statute.

Legislation enacted by the government ordinarily only where a particular statute authorizes the government to enact such regulations. Since the statute usually speaks of delegating the power to enact regulations to a Minister, to Cabinet or to an appropriate statutory body, regulations are often referred to as delegated legislation.

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