C. Ian Kyer

C. Ian Kyer is a distinguished lawyer, historian, and author. For more than thirty years he practised law with Fasken, a prominent Bay Street firm. Ranked as one of Canada’s top 500 lawyers, he advised private sector parties as well as various governments on numerous projects. On his retirement from Fasken, he became in-house counsel to RPM Technologies, now part of Broadridge, a multinational provider of services to the financial industry. But Ian was an historian before he became a lawyer (with a PhD in European history), and he never abandoned his historical interests; he merely refocused those interests on legal and business history. He has written histories of legal education, the Fasken firm, the origins of the Toronto Transit Commission, and the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. He has also written numerous biographies of lawyers and businesspeople for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, the Canadian Encyclopedia, and New Federation Press, and a historical novel about Salieri’s relationship with Mozart.

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