• Publication Date: November 26, 2009
  • EAN: 9781862877429
  • 508 pages; 6" x 8⅝"
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Australian Offshore Laws


Product Description

Australian Offshore Laws brings together in one place a reference to all laws that apply to offshore Australian waters for the benefit of legal practitioners, regulators, academics and students. It demonstrates the unnecessary complexity of the Australian offshore legal regime and proposes, as a first step towards reform, a review of the Offshore Constitutional Settlement of 1979 (OCS 1979). It discusses the manner of present drafting of such laws as many Commonwealth, State, and Territory laws apply offshore but few are drafted in a manner which identifies their limits or recognises their interaction with other offshore laws of with the OCS 1979.

Introduction and Background to Offshore Laws

Offshore Constitutional Laws

Offshore Petroleum, Mining and Installations Laws

Offshore Criminal Laws

Offshore Defence Laws

Offshore Immigration Laws

Offshore Fisheries Laws

Offshore Customs, Quarantine and Excise Laws

Antarctica and Southern Ocean Territories Laws

Offshore Territories Laws

Offshore Shipping Laws

Offshore Geographical Areas

Summary and Proposals for Reform

Annex 1: Offshore Constitutional Settlement: A Milestone in Co-operative Federalism

Annex 2: Offshore Constitutional Settlement: Selected Statements and Documents 1978-79


…this book would make an invaluable addition to the library of law schools and legal practices that require guidance on offshore laws. As the author is a leading academic in shipping law, this book naturally places some emphasis on maritime law and therefore should not be missed by practitioners in this industry! – ACT Law Society Newsletter, Ethos, March 2010

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