• Publication Date: February 20, 2015
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552213827
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552213834
  • 376 pages; 6" x 9"

Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law


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Product Description

Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law provides an important new contribution to the debate on the legal status and treatment of animals in Canada. Twelve chapters by leading academics and practising lawyers address a range of doctrinal and conceptual questions, situating legal analysis in the broader context of ethical and philosophical debate about justice in human-animal relationships. Topics addressed include the Ikea monkey case, key shortcomings in Canada’s animal cruelty law, the relationship between animal rights and the rights of Canada’s indigenous peoples, and the emergence of animal protection in international law. This volume should be invaluable for scholars, practitioners and students eager to explore these matters in greater depth, and an excellent resource for law school courses on animals and the law.


Part I: A Philosophical Prelude

Chapter 1: Philosophy and the Case for Animals
Angus Taylor

Part II: The Fundamental Prohibition: Unnecessary Suffering

Chapter 2: Rethinking the Application of Canadian Criminal Law to Factory Farming
Katie Sykes

Chapter 3: Traffic Tickets on the Last Ride
Vaughan Black

Part III: The Fundamental Classification: Property

Chapter 4: A Monkey in the Middle: Reflections on Darwin the Macaque
and the (R)evolution of Wild Animals in Canadian Common Law
Mary J Shariff

Chapter 5: The Canadian Seal Hunt as Seen in Fraser’s Mirror
Lesli Bisgould & Peter Sankoff

Part IV: Different Communities: Municipal, Aboriginal, and International

Chapter 6: Municipal Governance and Innovative Shark Conservation Efforts: Problems and Prospects
Cameron Jefferies & Eran Kaplinsky

Chapter 7: Animal Rights and Aboriginal Rights
Will Kymlicka & Sue Donaldson

Chapter 8: Indigenous Rights and Relations with Animals: Seeing beyond Canadian Law
Constance MacIntosh

Chapter 9: Whales and Seals and Bears, Oh My! The Evolution of Global Animal Law and Canada’s Ambiguous Stance
Katie Sykes, Joanna Langille, & Robert Howse

Part V: New Tactical Approaches

Chapter 10: Charities, Animals, and Social Change: Charting a More Charitable Approach to Animal Advocacy
Maneesha Deckha & Sarah Runyon

Chapter 11: What Does False Advertising Have to Do with Animal Protection?
Camille Labchuk

Chapter 12: Bringing Animal Abusers to Justice Independently:
Private Prosecutions and the Enforcement of Canadian Animal Protection
Sophie Gaillard & Peter Sankoff

Table of Cases

“Given its relative brevity, the book covers an impressive breadth of subject matter. It provides readers with a large amount of substantive material about domestic and international law. This material is presented in a highly accessible and engaging manner overall. Legal discussion is sufficiently but not unnecessarily technical, and more conceptual material is grounded in current and familiar topics. [ . . . ] This book will be of interest to a varied readership given the wide-ranging implications of this area of law. Developments in animal law have a diverse impact on industry development, international and domestic policy, the agricultural industry, local and international businesses, the charitable sector, the entertainment industry (controversies over the Calgary Stampede come to mind), scientific and medical research, and Aboriginal rights claimants. Animals and the Law is a must-read for legal professionals, academics, and students with interests in these areas and in animal law specifically.”
Michelle Korpan, Saskatchewan Law Review 2016, Vol. 79
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