• Publication Date: September 1, 2023
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Drafting, Interpreting, and Applying Legislation


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Product Description

John Mark Keyes and Wendy Gordon have charted here a complete life cycle of legislation. Drafting, Interpreting, and Applying Legislation begins by discussing what legislation is and what it does, as well as the purposes for which it is used. This informative book then addresses the drafting of legislative texts and the processes for transforming them into law. It goes on to explain how legislation is found, understood, and applied, including the interpretive principles and techniques for resolving disputes about its meaning and application. Among the works dealing with the Canadian system of written laws, it is one of the most comprehensive in scope, encompassing both how legislation is made and how it is interpreted and applied.



Part One: Drafting and Enacting Legislation

Chapter One: What Is Drafting?

Chapter Two: How Is Legislation Drafted?

Chapter Three: How Is Draft Legislation Turned Into Law?

Part Two: Interpreting and Applying Legislation

Chapter Four: What Is Legislation Used For?

Chapter Five: How Is Legislation Understood and Applied?

Chapter Six: Legislative Text

Chapter Seven: Purposes

Chapter Eight: Context

Chapter Nine: Application

Annex 1: The Uniform Law Conference of Canada Drafting Conventions

Annex 2: The Uniform Law Conference of Canada Model Interpretation Act


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