• Publication Date: May 1, 2013
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Law and Mental Disorder

A Comprehensive and Practical Approach


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Product Description

Law and Mental Disorder: A Comprehensive and Practical Approach is an encyclopedic medico-legal overview of forensics issues. With 60 chapters, and over 50 contributors, the topics range from an introduction to the legal system for psychiatrists, to pharmacological treatments for sex offenders, to the pathways to conduct disorder amongst children. The book has been written for a professional audience of psychiatrists, resident psychiatrists, and related heath professionals as well as legal professionals (judges, lawyers), and justice system professionals.

Part 1: Being an Expert

Chapter 1
The Canadian Legal System: Introduction for Psychiatrists
Richard D. Schneider and Hy Bloom

Chapter 2
The Psycholegal Assessment
R. Ian Hector

Chapter 3
The Use of Psychologists and Psychological Testing
Nathan Pollock

Chapter 4
Medico-legal Report Writing
Hy Bloom

Chapter 5
Giving Evidence as an Expert Witness
Alan Gold and Hy Bloom

Chapter 6
Clinician Encounters with the Criminal Justice System
Howard Rubel

Chapter 7
The Psychiatrist and Psychologist as Consultant to Law Enforcement
Alberto Choy and Mini Mamak

Chapter 8
Cross-cultural Issues in Forensic Practice
Smita Vir Tyagi

Part 2: Pre-Trial Issues

Chapter 9
Mental Health Courts and Diversion
Richard D. Schneider

Chapter 10
Mental Illness, Confessions, and Inculpatory Statements
Joseph Carl Ferencz

Chapter 11
Bail and Mentally Disordered Accused: The Expert’s Role
Gary Chaimowitz

Chapter 12
Fitness to Stand Trial
Hy Bloom

Part 3: Criminal Responsibility and Psychiatric Defences

Chapter 13
History of Mens Rea and the Evolution of the Concept of Criminal Responsibility
Richard D. Schneider

Chapter 14
Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (NCRMD)
Hy Bloom

Chapter 15
Julio E. Arboleda-Flórez and Patrick Baillie

Chapter 16
Intoxication and Capacity to Form Intent
Derek Eaves and Richard D. Schneider

Chapter 17
Sleep and Violence — Forensic Implications
Julian Gojer

Chapter 18
Self-Defence, Provocation, Duress, and Necessity
Dominique Bourget

Chapter 19
Malingered Mental Disorder in Criminal Cases
Angus McDonald

Part 4: Aggression, Violence, and Dangerousness

Chapter 20
Biosocial Antecedents to Violence
Morton Menuck and Sumeeta Chatterjee

Chapter 21
Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder
William Komer, Hy Bloom, and Lisa Ramshaw

Chapter 22
Neuropsychiatry and Forensics: FASD, ASD, and ADHD
David Nussbaum, Melanie Dawn Douglass, and Stephanie Daoud

Chapter 23
The Systematic Assessment of Risk for Aggressive and Violent Behaviour against Others
Christopher Webster, Carla R. Dassinger, and Hy Bloom

Chapter 24
Assessing Imminent Risks for Violence and Threats
Hy Bloom and Christopher Webster

Chapter 25
Stalking and Criminal Harassment
Hy Bloom

Chapter 26
Domestic Violence: An Overview for Mental Health Practitioners
Sarah L. Desmarais and Donald Dutton

Chapter 27
Hy Bloom

Chapter 28
Dangerous and Long-Term Offenders
John Bradford

Chapter 29
The Psychiatrist’s Contribution to Understanding and Preventing Acts of Terrorism
Wagdy Loza, Hy Bloom, and Mini Mamak

Part 5: Dispositions, Sentencing, and Correctional Psychiatry

Chapter 30
Forensic Mental Health Systems: Weaving the Threads Together
Alexander Simpson

Chapter 31
The Provincial and Territorial Review Boards
Rakesh Lamba

Chapter 32
Sentencing the Mentally Disordered Accused
Richard D. Schneider

Chapter 33
The Psychiatrist’s Role in Correctional Facilities
Neil Conacher and Eric Prost

Chapter 34
The Psychiatrist’s Role in the Management of Patients on Probation or Parole
Scott Theriault

Part 6: Female Offenders

Chapter 35
Female Offenders
Smita Vir Tyagi

Part 7: Behavioural Sexology and Impulse Control Disorders

Chapter 36
Overview of Sex Offenders and the Paraphilias
Howard Barbaree, David Greenberg, and Renée Fugère

Chapter 37
Risk Assessment of Sex Offenders
Howard Barbaree, Calvin M. Langton, Andres Gopnik-Lewinski, and Craig A. Beach

Chapter 38
Impulse Control Disorders and Forensic Psychiatry
R. Kunjukrishnan and A.G. Ahmed

Part 8: Management of Aggression and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour

Chapter 39
Pharmacological Treatment of Violent Men
Mansfield Mela and Robin Menzies

Chapter 40
Psychosocial Treatment of Violent Men
Nathan Pollock

Chapter 41
Pharmacological Management of Problematic Sexual Behaviours
Robert Dickey

Chapter 42
Psychosocial Approaches to Treatment of Sex Offenders
Howard Barbaree and Laura C. Ball

Part 9: Young Offenders

Chapter 43
Sentencing the Young Person
Louis Morissette and Miriam Bloomenfeld

Chapter 44
Prevention and Treatment of Conduct Disordered Youth
Normand Carrey and Jalal Shamsie

Chapter 45
Adolescent Sex Offenders
Howard Barbaree and R.J. O’Shaughnessy

Part 10: Victimization
Chapter 46
Early Victimization and its Sequelae: Issues in Clinical Practice with Offender Populations
Smita Vir Tyagi

Part 11: Mental Health and Capacity Law

Chapter 47
Privacy and Privilege
Kate Dewhirst and Richard D. Schneider

Chapter 48
Civil Commitment: A Cross Canada Checkup
Daniel L. Ambrosini and Lucie Joncas

Chapter 49
Capacity Assessment: Ontario
Michel Silberfeld

Chapter 50
Minors and Capacity to Consent to Treatment
Nicholas Bala, John S. Leverette, and Emily Bala

Part 12: Civil Liability and Litigation

Chapter 51
Personal Injury Claims — Mental Damages
R.J. O’Shaughnessy and Anne E. Spafford

Chapter 52
Malingered Mental Illness in Compensation Cases
Brian Hoffman and R.J. O’Shaughnessy

Chapter 53
Evaluating Sexual Harassment Claims
Gail Erlick Robinson

Chapter 54
Psychiatric Malpractice
Jenny P. Stephenson

Part 13: Forensic Psychiatry in the Workplace

Chapter 55
Violence in the Workplace
Hy Bloom

Chapter 56
The Psychiatrist’s Role in Disability Claims
Stanley Yaren

Part 14: Child and Family Law

Chapter 57
The Psychiatrist’s Role in Child Protection Proceedings
Harriet MacMillan and R. John Harper

Chapter 58
The Psychiatrist’s Role in Custody and Access Cases
George A. Awad and Peter Sutton

Part 15: Professional Behaviour

Chapter 59
Professional Conduct
Hy Bloom

Part 16: Epilogue

Chapter 60
Law and Psychiatry in the Age of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
H. Archibald Kaiser

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