• Publication Date: October 23, 2007
  • EAN: 9781862876569
  • 304 pages; 6" x 8⅝"

Yearning to Breathe Free

Seeking Asylum in Australia


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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …” How has Australia risen to Emma Lazarus’ great challenge?

This overview of the historical, social and political contexts that have shaped Australia’s recent treatment of asylum seekers offers a clear-eyed view of the many dimensions of the asylum seeker predicament, including its psychological and humanitarian consequences, and lays out an agenda for change in policy.

Sir Gustav Nossal, the Rt Hon. Malcolm Fraser, Senator Lyn Allison, Phillip Adams, Professor Stuart MacIntyre, and Lindsay Tanner MP introduce the six sections. Julian Burnside QC, Dr Carmen Lawrence, Peter Mares, Pamela Curr, Michael Clyne, Linda Briskman, Derrick Silove, Michael Gordon, Arnold Zable and David Manne are among the contributors to the 20 chapters.

Yearning to Breathe Free is a passionate but informed work that is multi-faceted, thought-provoking, and ultimately hopeful.

All royalties for this book go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Foreword Professor Glyn Davis

Introduction Dean Lusher and Nick Haslam

Part I – Historical Perspectives and Background


Stuart Macintyre

Australia’s response to asylum seekers

Dean Lusher, Nikola Balvin, Amy Nethery, Joanne Tropea

Been there, done that?

Klaus Neumann

Boats and borders: asylum seekers and elections, 1977 and 2001

Chelsea Piper Rodd

Part II – Coming to Australia


Senator Lyn Allison

Reassessing the Tampa

Peter Mares

Perilous journeys

Arnold Zable

The ‘Pacific Solution’

Michael Gordon

Part III – Treatment of Arrived Asylum Seekers


Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser

Not in my name: the People’s Inquiry into Detention

Linda Briskman and Chris Goddard

The impact of immigration detention on the mental health of asylum seekers

Patricia Austin, Derrick Silove and Zachary Steel

Mandatory detention and brain structure and function

Christine Canty and Christopher Benjamin

The invisibles: asylum seekers holding bridging visas

Margaret Theologou and Winsome Roberts

Part IV – Resettlement in Australia


Sir Gustav Nossal

Two asylum seekers’ stories

Erin Taylor

Supporters of asylum seekers

Pamela Curr

Meaning in life and social connectedness: the experience of Sudanese young people (re)settling in Australia

Susannah Tipping, Di Bretherton and Ida Kaplan

Part V – Public Opinion about Asylum Seekers


Phillip Adams

Those people

Carmen Lawrence

The news media’s representation of asylum seekers

Angela Romano

Words excusing exclusion of asylum seekers

Michael Clyne

Attitudes towards asylum seekers: the psychology of exclusion

Nick Haslam and Anne Pedersen

Part VI – The Future of Asylum Seeker Policies


Lindsay Tanner MP

Post-Palmer reform of the Immigration Department: progress and pitfalls

David Manne

The need for a uniform community-based reception policy for asylum seekers in Australia

Grant Mitchell

Australia’s refugee policy

Julian Burnside QC


Yearning to Breathe Free is a collection of essays on the human impact of Australia’s asylum laws and policies written by commentators, politicians, refugee advocates and other human rights icons in Australia….the collection provides a compelling critique of certain aspects of Australian immigration law and practice…

This book brings together a diverse range of people who examine the problems facing refugees and asylum seekers from a variety of perspectives…

should be compulsory reading for those assigned the demanding tasks of striking balance between compassion and control in Australia’s political and legal response to the phenomenon of asylum seekers and forced migration. – Australian Year Book of International Law, Vol 27, 2008

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