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Entertainment Law


Entertainment industries are among the largest in the world. The legal environment in which entertainment operates involves a confluence of eclectic laws such as those concerning free expression and its limits, those concerning intellectual property and their relationship with promoting, limiting and capitalising creativity, and the laws governing the contractual relationships between parties involved in entertainment productions.

In this book, the authors analyse the major legal issues confronting those involved in entertainment in Australia, and provide clear, accessible statements of the current legal principles involved. They enable readers to understand what the law is and how it is likely to apply in particular situations.

The book uses an accessible, reader-friendly style making it suitable for those involved in entertainment industries, legal practitioners and students of entertainment law.

Table of Contents

1. Legal foundations: The intersection of entertainment production and the Australian legal system
Michelle Backstrom

2. Free expression: the wellspring of art and entertainment productions
Des Butler

3. The hidden serpent: Entertainment and the risk to reputation
Des Butler

4. Don’t say that, don’t show that: Bigotry, hate speech, obscenity and entertainment
Des Butler

5. Not just sex, lies and videotape: confidentiality and privacy in entertainment contexts
Des Butler

6. Copyright: the double edged sword of creativity?
Peter Black

7. Show me the money? The ‘other IP laws, commercialisation of entertainment and the entrenchment of power
Peter Black

8. The risk of liability: A tightrope for entertainment productions?
Amanda Stickley

9. The ties that bind: Contract laws underpinning entertainment
Des Butler

10. Agents and Managers: Keys to Success in Entertainment
Geoff Holland

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