Suzanne Handman

Suzanne Handman obtained a law degree from the University of Montreal after an initial career as a clinician and Associate Professor in Speech Therapy and Audiology. She joined the firm of Trudel, Nadeau and associates and subsequently became a partner. 
In 1994, She was appointed a Vice Chair of the Canada Labour Relations Board (now the Canada Industrial Relations Board) and in 2000, she was appointed Judge of the Quebec Labour Tribunal. In 2005, she transferred to the Civil Division of the Court of Quebec. 
During her career on the bench, she began a mediation program at the Quebec Labour Tribunal. At the Court of Quebec, in addition to presiding over trials, she was very active conducting settlement conferences. 
Now retired, Suzanne Handman continues to mediate conflicts. She is on the Board of Directors of the International Mediation Council and regularly teaches mediation skills. She has authored several articles on dispute resolution and has given presentations in Montreal and in France on the subject of mediation. 
Suzanne Handman is married to Bjørn U. Ellingsen and lives in Montreal. 

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