• Publication Date: April 29, 2024
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552217238
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552217245
  • 276 pages; 6" x 9"

Mediation for Lawyers

A Practical Guide for Effective Representation of Your Clients


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Product Description

Mediation for Lawyers is a must-read for lawyers who want to help their clients resolve their conflicts successfully in mediation. This practical guide provides lawyers with a structure to follow from the first consultation with a client to the conclusion of the mediation process. Explanations, advice, checklists, and sample clauses for drafting a settlement agreement make this book invaluable as a reference manual not only for the uninitiated and law students, but also for lawyers with some mediation experience who wish to improve their skills.



Initiating the Mediation Process

Interests and Needs of the Parties

Preparing for Mediation

The Mediation Process


Appendix 1: Reminders for the Mediation

Appendix 2: Useful Tips — Dos and Don’ts

Appendix 3: Summary and Checklist


About the Author

“Suzanne Handman provides a thorough overview of the field of mediation with insightful examples from her ever-evolving practice. And she does so with clear and elegant prose in a way that reveals her love of the method and her great respect for the parties and the professionals she meets in her work.” 

David L. Cameron, Former Judge of the Court of Quebec, Practicing Arbitrator and Mediator
“I have experienced unprepared lawyers immersed in an adversarial culture. There is a need for a practical guide to help lawyers understand mediation and better participate in this process for the benefit of their clients. Kudos to the Judge Handman for undertaking to write this guide.”
Muriel Korngold Wexler, Arbitrator, Mediator, Labour Investigator
“Former justice Suzanne Handman draws examples from her own experiences as a mediator in both judicial and private mediations to explain our role as lawyers and how we can effectively protect our clients’ interests while providing reassurance, assistance, and advice each step of the way. Suzanne Handman’s book is very useful, insightful, and a great tool for any lawyer looking to stray away from traditional litigation.”
Jenna De Santis, Attorney
“I read this book prior to a difficult mediation session. The information and suggestions were exceptionally helpful and resulted in a successful outcome. I highly recommend this book to lawyers, regardless of their year of call to the Bar.”
Robin Schiller, Batonnière of the Bar of Montreal 2020-2021, and Attorney
“In these days of costly, slow, and unpredictable justice, alternatives to litigation have become attractive. Suzanne Handman’s book fills a void in writing about mediation and fills it well. It is practical, comprehensive, and academically sound.”
Julius H. Grey, MA, BCL (OXON), Attorney/Avocat, Grey Casgrain, s.e.n.c.
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