• Publication Date: December 21, 2000
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552210062
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552215777
  • 455 pages; 6" x 9"

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Skills, Science, and the Law


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Product Description

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has come to have an enormous influence on disputing practices in North America and beyond. It is now, more than ever, necessary to study and be familiar with ADR developments. This book takes you on a journey into the science, skills, and law that make up this exciting new field. Readers will have opportunities to consider the conflicting meanings attributed to ADR and to decide which ones make most sense for them.

The book covers the major disputing processes with an emphasis on negotiation, mediation, and other consensual processes; points to the diverse skills needed to be proficient in ADR; examines the developing law of ADR; shows how ADR may be applied in practical case scenarios; and predicts the factors that will most affect ADR’s future development.

Chapter 1: The Meaning of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 2: Key Concepts in ADR
Chapter 3: Negotiation: We Can Work It Out
Chapter 4: Mediation: The Science and the Skills
Chapter 5: Arbitration and the ADR Influences
Chapter 6: ADR in Practice
Chapter 7: ADR and Culture
Chapter 8: The Law of ADR: Legislation, Cases and the Courts
Chapter 9: ADR in Action: Case Studies and Practical Problems
Chapter 10: The Future Development of ADR
Appendix 1: Selected Federal/Provincial Statutes Containing ADR References
Table of Cases
About the Author

“This book is by far the best work written [on the topic] to date. … Professor Pirie has made a significant contribution to the field and to our understanding of diverse alternatives for resolving conflicts.”
Christopher W. Moore, author of The Mediation Process (from the Foreword)
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