• Publication Date: May 31, 2017
  • ISBN: Print: 9780994735256
  • 272 pages

More Tough Crimes

True Cases by Canadian Judges & Criminal Lawyers


More Tough Crimes follows the exceptional success of Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers (2014) and Shrunk: Crime and Disorders of the Mind (2016), the first two books in Durvile’s True Cases Series. What makes this series so unique and successful is the  window provided into the world of criminal justice.

The sixteen stories in More Tough Crimes are:

  • Mr. Don Bayne on the Senator Mike Duffy trial and the theme of a trial as media spectacle;
  • Mr. David Bright on a tale of intrigue spanning extradition and incarceration from India to Nova Scotia;
  • Mr. Brian Beresh on a historic case of domestic violence;
  • Ms. Breese Davies on Ashley Smith who died by self-inflicted strangulation in her prison cell;
  • Justice Joseph Di Luca on funny and, at times, tragic stories of inmate appeals at the Court of Appeal;
  • Ms. Mona Duckett on a Mr. Big operation where the client falsely confessed to the killings;
  • Justice Faith Finnestad  on the twisting, turning, and unravelling of people’s lives as a crime unfolds;
  • Mr. Alan D. Gold on the Andre Gravelle murder and bogus lip reading evidence;
  • Mr. Brian H. Greenspan on the trial of hockey agent and promoter Alan Eagleson;
  • Mr. James Lockyer on the wrongful conviction of Steven Truscott;
  • Mr. Brock Martland on the Surrey Six murders focusing on the Crown negotiating deals with alleged triggermen;
  • Judge Jim Ogle on the case of Calgary druggist Stephen Kesler who shot a robbery suspect;
  • Mr. Jonathan Rudin on the deaths of young Aboriginal people from fly-in communities in Northern Ontario and the quest to get an inquest;
  • Justice Raymond Wyant on a vicious case of rape and murder that changed his life and career forever;
  • and Mr. William Trudell on the trial of the contract killing of the wife of Helmuth Buxbaum.

A percentage of sales goes to Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin, “Women Helping Women.”

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