• Publication Date: May 31, 2018
  • EAN: 9780994735249
  • 288 pages

Women in Criminal Justice

True Cases By and About Canadian Women and the Law


Product Description

Women in Criminal Justice: True Cases by and About Canadian Woman and the Law is the fourth book in Durvile’s True Cases series. The book is unique in that stories are authored by eminent Canadian women judges and lawyers and deal with terrorism, drugs, sexual assault, and mental disorders, as well as motherhood, child protection, LGBTQ+, immigration, Indigenous, and other urgent issues of our times. Writers and their stories represent Canada from coast to coast to coast.

  • Hon. Susan Lang on flawed forensic evidence;
  • Hon. Nancy Morrison on a horrendous case of sexual abuse;
  • Hon. Lise Maisonneuve on the emerging role of women in criminal law;
  • Hon. Danielle Côté on the pressures of Judging;
  • Hon. Iona Jaffe on the Toronto 18 terrorism case;
  • Senator Kim Pate on the plight of an Indigenous woman in prison;
  • Jennifer Briscoe on the Fly-in Squad in Canada’s far North;
  • Catherine Dunn on Indigenous victims of violence:
  • Kaysi Fagan on a woman caught in the world of drug trafficking;
  • Deborah Hatch on the ubiquitousness of wrongful convictions;
  • Karen Hudson on people in the gallery of criminal justice;
  • Barbara Jackman on immigration and human rights;
  • Lucie Joncas on interacting with a population at risk;
  • Susan Kyle on being a Crown and a mother;
  • Jill Presser on the fight for LGBTQ+ justice;
  • Rosellen Sullivan on a 13-year-old’s loss of innocence;
  • and Jennifer Trehearne on interaction of courts and mental disorders.

Author royalties go to to establish Indigenous youth writers workshops in NWT.

“The reader emerges from reading Women in Criminal Justice with pictures in mind … women who work without respite to achieve just outcomes for the people they deal with, often in the face of difficulty and at considerable personal cost.” — The Rt. Hon Beverley McLachlin (from the Foreword)

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