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Special Lectures 2003

The Law of Evidence


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There have been many legal and technological developments since the Law Society of Upper Canada last presented its Special Lectures in Evidence almost ten years ago. Special Lectures 2003: The Law of Evidence examines evidentiary issues of current relevance to barristers involved in every type of litigious matter.

CHAPTER 1: The Admissibility of Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: A Principled Approach in a Post-Charter World – Mr. Justice David H. Doherty (Court of Appeal for Ontario)
CHAPTER 2: Hearsay Exceptions: A Game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” – David M. Paciocco (University of Ottawa)
CHAPTER 3: Issues of Evidence in a Class Action: An Introduction and Overview – Mr. Justice Warren K. Winkler (Superior Court of Justice) and Harvey T. Strosberg, Q.C. (Sutts, Strosberg LLP)
CHAPTER 4: Privilege in Civil Cases Revisited – Sheila Block (Torys LLP) and Lynn Iding
CHAPTER 5: Problems of Process in Litigating Privilege Claims Under the Flexible Wigmore Model – Michael Code (Sack Goldblatt Mitchell)
CHAPTER 6: The Law of Evidence and the Charter – David Stratas (Heenan Blaikie LLP)
CHAPTER 7: Impact of the Charter on the Law of Evidence (Panel Discussion)
CHAPTER 8: Lowering the Threshold for Admissibility of Defence Evidence in a Criminal Case – Edward L Greenspan, Q.C. (Greenspan, White)
CHAPTER 9: The Uses and Abuses of Demonstrative Evidence – Geoffrey D.A. Adair, Q.C. (Adair Morse LLP)
CHAPTER 10: Demonstrative Evidence: Uses and Abuses – Roger G. Oatley (Oatley, Vigmond)
CHAPTER 11: Similar Fact Evidence – Mr. Justice Marc Rosenberg (Court of Appeal for Ontario)
CHAPTER 12: Browne v. Dunn and Similar Fact Evidence Isles of Change in a Calm Civil Evidence Sea – F. Paul Morrison (McCarthy Tétrault LLP) & Christopher Wayland
CHAPTER 13: Balancing Probabilities: The Overlooked Complexity of the Civil Standard of Proof – Linda R. Rothstein (Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP), Robert Centa, and Eric Adams
CHAPTER 14: Judges as Gatekeepers: The Admissibility of Scientific Evidence Based on Novel Theories – Mr. Justice Sidney N. Lederman (Superior Court of Justice)
CHAPTER 15: Opinion Evidence: General Principles and More – Alan W. Bryant (University of Western Ontario, McCarthy Tétrault LLP)
CHAPTER 16: Evidence in Charter Cases – Paul B. Schabas (Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP)
CHAPTER 17: Judicial Notice: How Much Is Too Much? – Mr. Justice Ian Binnie (Supreme Court of Canada)
CHAPTER 18: The Right Against Self-Incrimination – Alan D. Gold (Gold & Associate)
CHAPTER 19: Cross-Examination – Austin M. Cooper Q.C. and Mark J. Sandler (Cooper, Sandler & West)
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