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Marketing Law


Marketing Law covers Australian and applicable international laws applying to manufacturing, packaging, labelling, advertising, promotion, pricing and the sale of goods and services. The authors outline the applicable legal principles and legislation, and cover the extensive case law, with extracts of critical cases.

There are 12 chapters: The Expression of Ideas — Copyright, Branding, Designs and Inventions, Consumer Protection, Defamation, Confidential Information, Unfair Selling Practices, Product Liability, Arrangements Restricting Competition, Exclusive Dealing, Misuse of Market Power, and Insurance.

Topics covered include:

  • statutory frameworks applying to copyright, designs, trade marks and patents;
  • the common law tort of passing off applying to unfair selling practices;
  • confidential information;
  • potential defamatory liability;
  • legislation in relation to product quality and liability;
  • trade practices laws and the responsibilities of marketers;
  • restrictive trade practices, with specific emphasis on the prohibitions on arrangements restricting competition, exclusive dealing and misuse of market power.


...this book provides an overview of intellectual property law and other areas of law related to marketing for the purposes of teaching undergraduate marketing students...sets out overviews with extracts from significant assist students to understand the laws as they relate to marketing practices.
...It also provides good general overviews of defamation law, unfair selling practices, product liability law and competition law. A bonus is the more detailed chapter on insurance law... - Sharon Givoni, Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin, Vol 21 No 4, September 2008

...a useful companion for lawyers...An impressive addition is the chapter on insurance law, an area that is often over-looked in marketing law texts...Another advantage of the book is its currency. - Imprint, Law Institute Journal, March 2009

Table of Contents

The Expression of Ideas - Copyright
Designs and Inventions
Consumer Protection
Confidential Information
Unfair Selling Practices
Product Liability
Arrangements Restricting Competition
Exclusive Dealing
Misuse of Market Power
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

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